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Knowledge Hub

At RP Technologies we offer a wide range of services, each with their own technical information. The Knowledge Hub is a place where you can find useful information about these services and articles to help you understand how our 'without limits' philosophy makes us stand out from our competitors.


Case Study : Cross Sword

RP Technologies help Cross Sword to Launch Luxury Men’s High Heel Shoes

Case Study, Injection Moulding, Tooling, Material

Why is your part design important to us?

Find out why your part design is important to us

Prototyping, Injection Moulding

Case Study : Borche UK

RP Technologies Grow Their Business with Continued Support from Supplier, Borche UK
Injection Moulding, Prototyping

The Importance of a Controlled Tool Temperature

Find out why controlling the temperature of an aluminium tool is important

Aluminium, Tooling, Prototyping

Corporate Video

Meet some of the team, learn about our capabilities & have a sneak peak at our UK based manufacturing facility.

Injection Moulding, Tooling, Prototyping

Case Study : Magrak

Budding Builder launches new product with the help of RP Technologies

Tooling, Prototyping, Case Study

Mould Simulation Analysis

We’ve recently invested in a software package which enables component design to be validated with a Mould Simulation Analysis.

Prototyping, Moulding

Interview with MTDCNC

MTDCNC recently interviewed Brett Mitchell about our investment in Hurco machinery.

Tooling, Aluminium, Prototyping, Steel

Over Moulding at Prototype Stage

Learn more about over moulding at prototype stage.

Injection Moulding, Over Moulding, Prototyping, Material

Hot Plate Welding

With Prototype Injection Moulded Components

Injection Moulding, Welding, Prototyping

Case Study

RP Lend a Hand in Transforming Amputees Lives

Injection Moulding, Case Study, Prototyping, Material, Over Moulding

Coloured Injection Mouldings

There is a wide variety of colour options when injection moulding.

Injection Moulding, Material

Aluminium Vs Steel

What are the benefits of aluminium tooling?

Aluminium, Steel

Ultrasonic Welding

With Prototype Injection Moulded Components

Injection Moulding, Welding, Prototyping

Understanding Lead Times

Lead times within prototype injection moulding are as varied as the components manufactured


Quick Guide to Prototyping

We've put together a quick guide to help choose the best method for your project.

Prototyping, Injection Moulding, Tooling

Single Cavity, Multi Cavity and Family Tools

Find out the benefits of different cavity tooling


Moulding the un-mouldable

Our 'without limits' philosophy means we'll find a solution for your project.

Injection Moulding

Plastic Fantastic

Choosing the correct plastic is a key part of product development. 

Material, Injection Moulding, Prototyping

Prototype Vs Production Tooling

When does an aluminium prototype tool become a production tool?

Tooling, Prototyping, Production

Can Plastic Really Replace Metal?

Read in detail about metal replacement plastics.

Injection Moulding, Material

Amazing Aluminium

8 facts that you might not already know about this amazing metal.