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Why is your part design important to us?

Our service prides itself on the fast turnaround of technical aluminium prototype tooling and plastic injection moulded components. RP are unique in this sector as we have a without limits approach when it comes to offering solutions to our customers.

Our ‘without limits’ philosophy means we’ll offer a solution to meet your needs no matter how complex the component design or process. RP manufacture what you’ve designed, no changes just a simple solution.

Why is your design important to us?

  • You’ve designed a product to specifically fit and function in a certain way – if we ask you to change the design then your part won’t function as intended.
  • Rapid manufacturers offer a design for manufacturability report –they tell you what design changes are needed so that the part conforms with their manufacturing processes. These design changes add extra hidden weeks to the prototyping cycle and with the fast manufacturing process comes downfalls – part design and quality are often jeopardised.
  • With RP’s manufacturing process parts are manufactured to your original design - no design changes are needed, and part quality is of a much higher standard.
Why is your part design important to us?

If you have a prototype project that you’d like to discuss, please call us today on 0121 550 5868 or simply upload your CAD on our website.


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