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RP Technologies to Exhibit at TCT 3Sixty 2021

5th August 2021

A leading manufacturer of injection moulded prototype and production components are exhibiting at this year’s TCT 3Sixty and are back with a bang after the 2020 event was postponed due to COVID-19.

August 5th 2021, Kingswinford, UK.  RP Technologies are back with a bigger and better stand than ever at the TCT 3Sixty event at the NEC, Birmingham on 28th -30th September. Not only will they be showcasing their aluminium tooling and injection moulding capabilities they have several exciting features to attract visitors to their stand.

RP invite show visitors to stand B41 to test their nerve and ‘Walk the Plank’ on a virtual reality adventure that lets you experience the fear of walking on a plank hundreds of feet above the ground on a Skyscraper building! Will you be brave enough to go all the way to the top of the Skyscraper and walk the plank? The VR technology behind the experience is mind blowing and extremely realistic, you’ll fully immerse yourself within the game, all you need is the courage to take that first step on to the plank.

Visitors can also see RP’s tooling and moulding capabilities in action, the company have a Borche Bi130 injection moulding machine (IMM) on the stand which will be moulding parts from one of RP’s aluminium mould tools. Visitors can take away a sample injection moulded component when they visit the stand.

There will also be an impressive aluminium mould tool on display that RP manufactured to produce a large, complex automotive component in just 5 weeks. The company will also be displaying an array of injection moulded components and their team of experts will be on hand to discuss any upcoming projects visitors may have.

Although TCT 3Sixty mainly showcases additive manufacturing and 3D Printing services, RP Technologies are the next step in the product development process. Their services provide high quality components suitable for testing and development and low to medium volume production.

RP are unique in this sector as they have a without limits approach when it comes to offering solutions to customers. Their ‘without limits’ philosophy means they offer a solution to meet customer needs no matter how complex the component design or process. RP manufacture what has been designed, no changes just a simple solution.

Training and Development at RP Technologies

12th May 2021

Luke joined RP three years ago when he was completing his HNC in Engineering at Dudley College and has been training as a Tool Maker gaining hands on experience in the manual side of our Tool Room. Luke expressed a keen interest in learning how to program CNC machines and becoming a CAD/CAM Engineer, to support him on the next step of his career RP enrolled him on our internal training course.

One of our experienced CAD/CAM Engineers is training Luke to firstly to become a CNC Programmer, then working towards CAD/CAM Engineer level. Luke is currently training on the job and assisting with the set-up of our Hurco CNC machines, including setting datums and loading various tools such as drills and cutters. Once Luke is experienced within this area he will be trained with our software package NCG CAM and will learn how to program NC cutter paths.

Each mould tool that RP manufactures is unique making Luke’s role extremely varied. He could go from manufacturing a tool for an electric vehicle to working on life saving medical devices. Our wide customer base will give Luke vast experience programming NC cutting paths for both simple and very complex tooling. Luke commented “It’s great to be able to see injection moulded components being manufactured from tooling that I’ve worked on. It gives a real sense of achievement and shows UK engineering and manufacturing at its best.”

Good luck with the rest of your training Luke!

New Employees

23rd March 2021

It’s been 12 months since the UK went into the first national lockdown. During these challenging times, we feel very privileged to have some positive news and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve employed two new members of staff within our Injection Moulding Facility. Jack is a Moulding Technician and Anita is a Moulding Operative, they both have extensive experience within prototype injection moulding and the skills they bring to RP will add extra value to our services. Welcome to the team Jack and Anita!

2020... Well that wasn't what we expected!

9th December 2020

What a strange year 2020 has been, none of us expected how much of an impact COVID-19 would have on the World! It's been a very unusual and tough year, but we stuck together, pulled through and the New Year is just a few weeks away.

Although this year didn't go as expected, we're still extremely proud of what RP have achieved, given the circumstances we're very pleased to have accomplished the following:


  • Stayed open and operational 

  • Retained our loyal customer base

  • Gained new customers, growing our customer base by nearly 30%

  • Had our 15th Anniversary (celebration pending!)

  • Passed our ISO 9001 Audit with zero non conformances for the 8th year in a row

  • Helped the fight against COVID-19 by producing tooling and mouldings for PPE and critical medical devices


We'd like to say a huge "Thank You"  to all of our customers, new and existing. Your ongoing support this year has been more important than ever and we really appreciate the projects you've allowed us to complete for you.

Here's hoping 2021 is a better year all round!

2020 Round Up

ISO 9001:2015 Audit

12th November 2020

We're delighted to announce that we have passed our re-certification ISO 9001:2015 Audit. 

This fantastic result continues our clean slate of zero non-conformances since becoming ISO 9001 accredited 8 years ago, which we are extremely proud of.

Being ISO 9001 accredited means as an organisation we are focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance, control and monitoring procedures are built in to every aspect of our work to ensure we're always supplying a service that is of the highest quality.  These procedures are reviewed by internal and external audits which are maintained by our dedicated Quality Team.

ISO Audit 2020

Lockdown Announcement

5th November 2020

As a UK Manufacturer we will continue to work at our pre-COVID operating capacity and ensure that we remain committed to running the business as safely as possible throughout the latest UK lockdown.

Our Offices and Manufacturing facility are fully operational to ensure our customer supply is not disrupted. Our top priority continues to be the safety of our employees, we will continue to follow and review the UK Government guidelines to ensure that our workplace is COVID secure, reducing the risk of infection at work and within our local community.

RP will keep our customers, suppliers, and employees informed of any updates throughout the new lockdown. If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Lockdown Announcement

We've been busy bees at RP

4th November 2020

One of our Automotive customers chose to use honeycomb ribs on their latest application as a simple yet effective way to improve strength and rigidity, and to make the part lighter without affecting functionality or structural integrity of the component. 

On areas with thin wall sections, ribs are used to strengthen the walls of the moulded components without increasing wall thickness.

Incorporating ribs into the part design minimises the problems that occur when moulding thick wall sections, including warping and sinking which can lead to the entire design being rejected.

Using ribs to add structural support to a thin wall is an effective way to overcome this design problem whilst increasing the strength of a moulded part.

Honeycomb Ribs

Automotive Expansion Tanks

9th September 2020

Over the last 3 years RP have worked closely with various automotive customers to develop a range of coolant expansion tanks, not only for conventional petrol and diesel engines but also for the development of battery cooling in a range of new breed electric vehicles. RP manufactured aluminium tooling, injection moulded parts and hot plate welded the tanks on-site in Kingswinford to supply assembled prototype components for testing and development vehicles. RP commissioned a custom built hot plate welding machine for these projects in order to support their customer’s specific requirements.

Automotive Expansion Tanks

At last some positive news for 2020...

20th August 2020

We're delighted to welcome Garry back to work after recovering from his battle with cancer. Garry developed a rare form of bone cancer, chondrosarcoma and under went major surgery to remove the tumour. After 8 months recuperation at home we're over the moon that Garry is 6 months cancer free and is regaining his health and strength. It's good to have you back Garry, the tool room hasn't been the same without you.

Positive news

July Update

9th July 2020

First of all, apologies for the radio silence! As you know it’s been a very strange and tough few months, but we wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to here at RP.

When lockdown was first announced, we closed our manufacturing facility and offices for 3 weeks in order to keep our employees and their families safe. Typically, enquiries and orders then came flooding in for tooling and plastic injection moulded components for PPE to help protect our NHS and front-line workers.

We pulled together a skeleton structure within our manufacturing facility and worked around the clock so that we could do our bit to help the fight against COVID-19. We manufactured 7 tools to produce head bands for face masks, each tool made from aluminium in approximately 4 days per tool. From these tools we produced circa 100,000 plastic injection mouldings with ongoing requirements, and some of the tools were shipped to customers to supply directly into other areas of need around the UK.

We also manufactured 9 aluminium tools for respirator components which are currently going through medical approval. Once approved we’re due to mould in excess of 10,000 sets with a continued requirement moving forwards.

All of this was on top of supporting our current customers and bringing on board projects for several new medical device companies, an area that will become part of RP’s continued growth strategy in the coming months.

Whilst the manufacturing facility was closed our team of directors have been working tirelessly to ensure that everything was in place for our employees to safely return to work with new social distancing procedures.

It’s still a very strange time with companies starting to get back to “normal”, it’s a big adjustment for everyone but now’s the time for the UK to pull together and get stronger. We’re extremely proud to be a UK manufacturer and we hope that moving forwards more companies’ re-shore and use UK manufacturers.

We have more updates in the pipeline so keep an eye out for case studies, videos, and product photos, and as always, if you’d like to discuss any upcoming projects feel free to get in touch.


July Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

17th March 2020

Over the growing concerns of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to assure you that RP Technologies are operating as normal, whilst following a strict process to safeguard our employees and clients. Our process is based on advice from the UK Government and the World Health Organisation and is being reviewed on a regular basis.

Despite the current situation RP are still incredibly busy, we’re taking new orders and are looking forward to completing current projects for both new and existing clients. If you have any queries relating to our Coronavirus process, please contact Paul Roe.

Are you launching a new product?

20th November 2018

When launching a new product, whether for oral hygiene, e-mobility, agricultural machinery, special vehicles or any other field, all projects start on a small scale often in the board room or home office. But all projects have the same problem, finding a reliable and competent prototype injection moulding partner who can give support when it comes to material selection, tool design or even filling & temperature analysis.
The team at RP Technologies has experience in all these cases and more. Our broad experience across a wide range of industries gives us invaluable knowledge which can be applied to your project. We take the time to support you, to analyse and if necessary, give advice on how to streamline the prototyping process.
RP have a vast understanding of working with start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and large organisations, our experienced team are dedicated to providing the support that’s required to get your project off the ground.
Contact us today on 0121 550 5868 or info@rptechnologies.co.uk to discuss how RP can help with your latest project.


RP Technologies Grow Their Business with Continued Support from Supplier, Borche UK

26th June 2018

Leading prototype & production toolmaker and injection moulding supplier, RP Technologies have successfully grown their company over the last 6 years with the continued support from their trusted supplier, Borche UK.

RP Technologies opened their injection moulding facility in 2012 after they saw an increase in demand for injection moulded components. It made good business sense to open the moulding facility so the aluminium prototype tooling they manufactured could be moulded on-site. Offering both services as a package means their customer not only save time and money but they can benefit from a better service including a project life time guarantee on their tooling.

The last 6 years has seen RP grow considerably and the team of directors strongly believe in investing their profits back in to the company to ensure they offer their customer the best service possible. Since opening the moulding facility RP have invested in excess of £500,000 by purchasing eleven brand new injection moulding machines from Borche UK. Ranging from 60 tonne to 600 tonne means they can offer injection mouldings up to 1400mm x 700mm x 600mm with a shot weight of 2.3KG.

The company has seen an increase in requests for larger sized components in the last few months, to meet this demand they have recently purchased the 600-tonne injection moulding machine to increase part size capacity. RP invested in a Hurco CNC machining centre with a bigger machining envelope earlier this year to increase their capability to manufacture larger tooling.

Flexibility is key
RP manufacture components for an array of industries from automotive to medical to consumer product. Having such a wide customer base involves processing a varied range of materials, including high temperature complex materials that other prototype moulders struggle to process.

Part complexity differs between each tool, from simple open and shut tooling to complex manual tooling that require multiple inserts to form certain features on the component. RP also offer insert moulding and over-moulding, so they need to ensure their machinery has great flexibility and can stand up to the different types of components they manufacture. They also require machines that are quick and easy to set up as well as machines that offer constant repeatability.

Why Borche?
Borche are one of the largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the world with an annual production capacity of 10,000 machines. They have three manufacturing sites with a combined production area of 215,000 square meters. The UK market has become a key market for Borche who have thus decided to establish the first overseas subsidiary to support the increasing market share across all sectors.

The recently opened Borche UK Service Centre is located in Kingswinford, it is centrally located to support the company’s customer base throughout the UK and Ireland. The company has a showroom for machine demonstrations, a team of five highly experienced and skilled service engineers together with a comprehensive stock holding of spare parts. Being located on the same trading estate as RP Technologies has meant that RP can continue to strengthen their relationship with the company and they are readily available if spare parts or servicing is required.
Borche injection moulding machines are very precise in terms of shot repeatability and accuracy, which is imperative for RP as they offer high quality, repeatable parts to their customers.

RP Technologies run their moulding facility for 24 hours a day, five days a week meaning they need machines that are energy efficient. Borche injection moulding machines are one of the most efficient on the market due to their servo drive system.
The servo motor driven pump system engineered by Borche integrates the advantages of hydraulics with the control intelligence of servo drives and offers considerable advantages with regards to energy conservation and cycle repeat accuracy, together with a reduction in noise levels and a reduced need for cooling of the hydraulic oil. This enables RP to not only reduce their overheads but also reduce their carbon footprint.

For further information about RP Technologies and their injection moulding capabilities please contact Paul Roe, General Manager on 0121 550 5868.

For further information about Borche UK and their range of machinery please visit https://borche.co.uk/ or contact Terry O'Reilly, Sales Director on 01384 885328.

RP Technologies Expand Service Offering to Include Production Moulding

15th May 2018

Leading prototype toolmaker and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies have announced that they are expanding their service range to offer series production moulding from existing tooling.

15th May 2018, Kingswinford UK. Over the last 6 years RP Technologies have grown their injection moulding business to offer functional prototype and low to medium volume components. Their recent growth including opening a Sales Office in Germany which has expanded their customer network across the region, alongside their continued investment in machinery and staff has opened new opportunities. The company has seen an increase in requests for series production following the invaluable support they have offered to their customers with bridge tooling ensuring production lines were not stopped.

These key factors have given the company the resources to expand their service range to offer series production moulding from existing tooling. Introducing this service opens the door for new and existing customers to re-shore tools from overseas or relocate tooling from suppliers that are under achieving.

RP Technologies have an impressive suite of modern Injection Moulding Machines ranging from 60 Tonne to 600 Tonne offering components with a shot weight capacity up to 2.3KG. Their moulding facility runs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week offering a high level of capacity. The company have the added benefit of a large on-site Tool Room ensuring that tooling can be serviced and maintained during the production process offering high quality, repeatable components. RP’s vast experience in the prototype industry across a broad spectrum of industries including, but not limited to; automotive, medical, defence and consumer product gives them valuable knowledge on processing a wide range of materials including PEEK, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PET-G, ASA, SAN, PA6, PA66, PPA, PA12, TPE, TPU and many more.  

RP involve their Quality Engineers with projects from day one ensuring they have a good understanding of their customer quality expectations and closely monitoring each stage of production to ensure specifications are met. Utilising standard measuring equipment alongside a Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) RP can produce accurate measurements of components. Utilising these measurements, the company offers Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR), dimension reports and PPAP reporting up to level 3.

Being ISO 9001:2015 Certified means as an organisation RP are focussed on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction. Quality assurance, control and monitoring procedures are built in to every aspect of their work to ensure they always provide a service that is of the highest quality. 

If you have tooling that you’d like to discuss with RP Technologies, please contact Paul Roe on 0121 550 5868 for further details

RP Technologies Invest more than £130,000 to increase their Injection Moulding Capacity

10th May 2018

Leading prototype & production tooling and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies invest more than £130,000 which will increase their injection moulding part size capacity.

10th May 2018, Kingswinford, UK: As part of RP Technologies’ ongoing investment and expansion plans the company has invested more than £130,000 on additional machinery. The company has purchased a Borche 600-tonne injection moulding machine to add to their already impressive suite of machinery in their West Midlands based facility. The new machine will increase their part size offering to components with a shot weight capacity up to 2.3kg.

Over the last five years RP Technologies have continued to progress their services by investing profits back in to the company. They have purchased a large amount of new machinery, employed additional members of staff and opened a sales office in Germany to sustain their increasing demand. This growth strategy has opened new opportunities for the company and they have recently seen a surge of requests for larger sized components. In order to fulfil the customers requests RP decided to invest in the 600-tonne moulding machine.

This is the company’s second investment of the year, in earlier months they invested £250,000 on two sizeable Hurco CNC Machining centres, a Hot Plate Welding Machine and a Mould Simulation Analysis software package. The Hurco CNC machines were purchased as part of their forward planning to ensure they had the capacity to manufacture larger tooling to fit within the new 600-tonne moulding machine. These investments ensure that RP continually offer new and improved services to their ever growing customer base.

Have you seen our interview with MTDCNC?

2nd May 2018

MTDCNC recently interviewed one of our Directors, Brett Mitchell about our recent investments with Hurco.

Learn about our 13 years in business, why we use Hurco CNC machining centres and what our business strengths are. Simply click here to watch the interview.

RP Technologies Invest £250,000 to Fuel Growth and Innovation

30th January 2018

Leading prototype & production tooling and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies invests £250,000 on additional machinery, software and employees.

30th January 2018, Kingswinford, UK: RP Technologies have kick-started the new year by investing quarter of a million pounds to increase capacity and add additional services. The company has invested in two additional Hurco CNC Machining Centres, a custom built Hot Plate Welding Machine, a Mould Simulation Analysis software package and additional members of staff.

The investment ties in with their ongoing growth and expansion plans and will increase the capacity and productivity in their West Midlands based facility, with additional services expanding their offering.

The company have purchased a Hurco VMX30i which adds to their impressive suite of CNC machining centres. They’ve also invested in a impressive VMX64i which will increase their capability to machine larger tools as the machining centre features a table size of 1,676 x 889mm.

In the past year the company have seen an increase in demand from their Automotive customers. With the Automotive industry pushing to develop more electric vehicles the increase in demand for battery cooling systems has gone through the roof. This demand has given the company vast experience with manufacturing tooling, injection moulding and welding expansion tanks for many OEM and Tier 1 customers. To meet this demand the company has purchased a custom built Hot Plate Welding machine. Offering this service in-house gives greater control over the process ensuring RP provide high quality welded components to match customer specifications.

RP’s third investment is a software package which enables component design to be validated with a Mould Simulation Analysis. The software allows them to gain product insights, visualise flow & thermal properties and optimise processes before physical parts are moulded. Using this software RP endeavour to catch design faults that could potentially cause setbacks during tool trial. This not only helps to improve quality, but it also helps to reduce development costs and manufacturing time for their customers by eliminating potential issues before manufacture begins.

RP have also employed additional engineering and manufacturing staff within the company to keep up with their ever-increasing demand.

New Year... New Team Members

17th January 2018

As part of our ongoing growth and investment programme, we've recently employed a new Tool Maker and an additional Tool Making Apprentice.

Geoff - Tool Maker

Geoff started his training to become a tool maker at the age of 15, he's worked in various roles over the years gaining almost 50 years of experience. His background in precision tool making and gauges means his invaluable skills and experience make him a vital new addition to our team.

Russell - Tool Making Apprentice

Russell is currently working towards his level 3 apprenticeship and attends Dudley college once a week to learn about the theoretical side of Tool Making. There's a huge skill gap within our industry and apprenticeships provide the vital hands on experience which can't be picked up in the classroom.

RP Technologies Celebrate 1,000th Tool with £1,000 Charity Donation.

8th January 2018

Leading prototype & production tooling and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies celebrate their 1,000th injection mould tool by donating £1,000 to Macmillan Cancer Support.

8th January 2018, Kingswinford, UK: RP Technologies have recently taken an order for their 1,000th injection mould tool. The order was placed by one of their regular customers, Deb Group, who have been utilising RP’s services since April 2015 to produce prototype and low volume plastic components.

The order for the 1,000th tool follows the companies restructure in November 2012 when they opened an injection moulding facility. Previously manufacturing casting and wax tooling the company saw a huge increase in demand for aluminium plastic injection mould tooling and made the decision to restructure the company to meet their customer requirements. Since 2012 RP Technologies have continued to grow and invest profits back into plant and employees ensuring their services match their customers’ expectations.

To celebrate the landmark order RP Technologies have donated £1,000 to Deb Group’s chosen cancer charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. Olympia Shipley, Fundraising Manager for Macmillan says “There are 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, one in two people are likely to get cancer in their lifetimes. Macmillan Cancer Support provides practical, emotional and personal support to people affected by cancer every year. The charity is there to support people during treatment, help with work and money worries, and listen when people need to talk about their feelings. Macmillan receives no government funding and relies on generous donations like this from RP Technologies to continue the valued support”

Darren Withers, Director at RP Technologies said “We are honoured to donate £1,000 to Macmillan, the support they provide helps people to live their lives again. We also want to thank Deb for their repeat custom. It’s customers like Deb that allow us to sustain our growth at RP Technologies meaning we can continue to offer high quality services. Here’s to the next thousand tools.”

Meet our new Operations Engineer

3rd January 2018

As part of our ongoing growth and investment programme, we've recently employed an Operations Engineer - Neil Lewis.

Neil originally trained as a Tool Maker before becoming a Moulding Technician where he gained 15 years experience. He then moved into a Product Launch Process Engineer role where he's broadened his extensive experience.

In his new role and he'll be managing projects through the tool room and moulding facility until components are ready for dispatch. He'll be working closely with our customers to keep them notified of progress and to answer any queries along the way.

Neil's invaluable skills and experience means he's a vital new addition to our team and we're delighted to welcome him to RP Technologies.

RP Technologies Invest in Additional Machinery...

2nd November 2017

We're pleased to announce that as part of our ongoing growth and expansion plans, we've invested in excess of £100,000 on 2 new Borche Injection Moulding machines.

The additional 200T and 320T machines will add to our existing suite of machinery and will strengthen our capacity to ensure we keep up with the increasing demand from both new and existing customers.

We have further plans for additional investment later this year and in early 2018 so look out for upcoming announcements.

New Team Member...

We've employeed a new member of staff earlier this week, Amy.

Amy has joined RP as Shipping Coordinator and to assist with general administration in the sales and finance offices. She's already proving to be a vital part of our growing team.

We've had an exciting delivery...

4th August 2017

As part of our ongoing investment and expansion plans we've recently purchased an additional Borche 120 tonne injection moulding machine.

The new machine will add to our existing suite of Borche injection moulding machines and will strenghten our capacitiy to ensure that we keep up with the increasing demand from both new and existing customers.

We have further plans for growth and investment later this year so look out for future announcements.

Meet our new Operations Engineer

31st July 2017

As part of our growth and investment programme we've recently employed an Operations Engineer, Phil Nicklin.

Phil originally trained as a tool maker and gained 20 years experience within this role, he then moved into a Tooling Engineer role where he's spent the past 10 years adding to his extensive experience.

His position at RP is a new role and he'll be managing projects through the tool room and moulding facility until components are ready for dispatch. He'll be working closely with our customers to keep them notified of progress and to answer any queries along the way.

Phil's invaluable skills and experience means he's a vital new addition to our team and we're delighted to welcome him to RP Technologies.

RP Technologies Invest £120,000 in Machinery and Employee 4 New Members of Staff

13th June 2017

Leading prototype & production tooling and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies invest £120,000 which will increase their tool room and injection moulding capacity. The investment sees them purchase a Hurco CNC Machining Centre and a Borche Injection Moulding Machine as well as employing 4 new members of staff.

12th June 2017, Kingswinford, UK: As part of RP Technologies’ ongoing investment and expansion plans they have invested £120,000 and purchased two new machines. The company have purchased an impressive Hurco VMX30i CNC machining centre and a Borche 120 tonne injection moulding machine to add to their already impressive suite of machinery in their West Midlands based facility. They have also employed 4 additional members of staff which will improve their current capabilities and lead times.

The Hurco VMX30i is one of Hurco’s signature milling centres that takes machining to the next level. This machine delivers high performance capabilities to any machining application and has the added benefit of a dual-screen control which streamlines programming.

The Borche 120 tonne machine will add to their suite of injection moulding machines which are all energy efficient giving up to 80% power savings compared to conventional machinery.

The investment in new machinery will increase the capacity and productivity in the tool room and injection moulding facility. Over the last five years RP Technologies have continued to grow and invest in new machinery to keep up with the increasing demand from both new and existing customers.

The company have also taken on 4 new employees; a Tool Design Engineer, 2 Injection Moulding Operators and a trainee CAD/CAM Engineer.

RP Technologies are forecasting further investment later this year and plan to purchase additional injection moulding machines, a mould flow analysis package and software to streamline their order processing systems. They also have plans to employee additional sales, engineering and manufacturing staff within the company.

Training and Development Keeps RP Technologies Top of Their Game

2nd February 2017

Manufacturing aluminium mould tools and plastic injection moulded parts from our UK based facility in Kingswinford, we heavily rely on our team of experienced workforce to supply high quality mouldings to our customers.

Within the tool-making and plastics industries there is a huge skills shortage so it’s imperative that RP train and develop our employees both in-house and with external training courses. This not only helps to close the skills gap but it also ensures that our team is the best it can possibly be, resulting in customers receiving the highest standard of components.

RP Technologies partner with a local polymer training company, The Polymer Training and Innovation Centre (PTIC) for our plastic training requirements. PTIC are a technical training and consultancy business that is owned by City of Wolverhampton College who specialise in the provision of injection moulding training including technical training, troubleshooting and skills gap analysis. Blending theoretical tuition with practical activity at their purpose built training and trials facility ensures that maximum knowledge transfer between tutor and delegate is achieved.  

RP Technologies recently sent two of our Trainee Moulding Technicians, Luke and Martin on the Injection Moulding Technology Part 2 (IMT2) course which is designed to introduce candidates to the fundamental principles associated with operating an injection moulding machine. The course is a blend of theory and practical application sessions and provides a good understanding of the injection moulding process and associated working practices.

On completion of the course Luke and Martin can now identify process hazards, start up and shut down an injection moulding machine safely and efficiently, detail the construction, control and operate an injection moulding machine, recognise common moulding problems, suggest remedial actions and state common quality systems, techniques and quality requirements associated with the injection moulding process.

Luke commented that the learning environment at PTIC was excellent and the tutors were extremely approachable. With the knowledge, he’s gained he’ll be able to apply it to his everyday work to help with troubleshooting and ensure he performs tasks safely.
Martin really enjoyed both the practical and theory sides of the training and said the most important thing he learnt is how to make a stable process, how to surpass any problems that arise and understand why problems occur.

Both Luke and Martin said the training has greatly helped their future development in becoming Moulding Technicians and they’re looking forward to practising and further developing their new skills in house and with future training opportunities at PTIC.

In the future RP plan to continue Luke and Martin’s development with the IMT3 training course which provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the Injection Moulding process to competently and safely set up a range of moulding machines to achieve a specified product quality and output rate. After completion of this training their role will also involve some customer facing aspect as they’ll be able to receive customers when they’re on site for tool-trials.

Training and developing employees increases job satisfaction, morale and motivation ensuring RP have a satisfied workforce. It also increases efficiency in processes, which in turn increases capacity and ensures our business continues to grow and reach targets.

For further information about PTIC visit www.wolvcoll.ac.uk/polymer or call them on 01952 610101.

Future Investment

6th December 2016

As another successful year draws to an end at RP Technologies, we have started to invest in preparation for our next phase of expansion.

We've installed a new cooling system which is an integral part of increasing the size and capacity of our injection moulding facilities early next year.

Industrial refrigeration experts, Refcool assessed our establishment and commissioned a RAK30C2 chiller earlier this month. The system was chosen due to it's very low energy consumption and the potential for us to add extra moulding machines to support our continuing growth. 

The new system exceeds our current capacity and future proofs our cooling requirements to fall in line with our investment and growth plans for next year.

Watch this space for more news about our 2017 expansion programme...

The Manufacturer Top 100

2nd November 2016

The Manufacturer Top 100 project began in 2014, with an aim to dispel the myths surrounding the image of manufacturing and to provide a platform to publicly identity dynamic leaders and innovators within the industry.

We're extremely proud to announce that our General Manager, Paul Roe has been selected as a top 100 figure in UK manufacturing.  

Paul falls under two categories within his listing;
Bold Investor in New Markets and Inspiring Leader.

Since joining RP in 2013 to open our mould shop Paul's efforts of reshaping the company to help bring in business from new markets has seen the company grow year on year. His can do attitude is passed down through his team who all pull together to ensure the company targets are met. Paul is a strong believer that with growth comes investment in people, plant and technology and ensures that RP are always top of their game.

Please join us in congratulating Paul for his fantastic achievement, we're delighted that he's been selected as a remarkable individual within UK manufacturing.

Double Award Winners

27th October 2016

Birmingham Post Business Awards 

We're absolutely delighted to announce that we won two awards at the Birmingham Post Business Awards last night:

Excellence in Manufacturing Award

Small Business of the Year Award

We're so proud of the team here at RP for all of their hard work which has made this fantastic achievement possible, we couldn't have done it without them.

Head over to our Twitter page to see more photos from the evening

BPBA Awards

Birmingham Post Business Awards Evening

25th October 2016

We're delighted that we have been selected as finalists in two categories for the Birmingham Post Business Awards:

Excellence in Manufacturing Award

Small Business of the Year Award

The Awards aim to celebrate success, recognise achievement and highlight the most innovative companies across Birmingham who are putting our region on the map by boosting the economy, whilst making a positive contribution to the local community. 

The Awards Evening takes place tomorrow evening where we'll find out if we've been lucky enough to be selected as a winner.

We'll be Tweeting live from the event so head over to our Twitter page tomorrow from 7pm to find out how we get on.

Wish us luck!

Birmingham Post Business Awards 2016

22nd September 2016

The Birmingham Post Business Awards aim to celebrate success, recognise achievement and highlight the most innovative companies across Birmingham who are putting our region on the map by boosting the economy, whilst making a positive contribution to the local community.

We are delighted to announce that we've been selected as finalists for the following two categories:

Excellence in Manufacturing Award

Small Business of the Year Award

The Awards final takes place on 26th October where we'll find out if we've been lucky enough to be selected as a winner .... Wish us luck!

Meet our new apprentice...

19th July 2016

As part of our continued commitment to the future of RP and the future of tool making we regularly employ apprentices. There's a huge skill gap within our industry and apprenticeships provide the vital hands on experience that's essential within the trade. Employing apprentices is a core part of our growth and investment plans for the future. 

At the start of July Jamie joined us for a week on work experience to learn about the tool making industry and to help him decide if this is what he wants to do as a career. 

Jamie spent a week on the shop-floor learning an array of different skills which helped him to decide that tool making is his chosen career path. We've since employed Jamie as an apprentice, here’s a summary of why he enjoyed his work experience and why he chose tool making as an apprenticeship...

What did you do during your work experience?
I had two day working as a toolmaker using the manual machines to finish some parts for a new tool, I also cut the ejector pins. I had a couple of days using the CAD/CAM CNC Machining Centres to see how they worked and what they’re used for. My last day was spent in the mould shop to see how the plastic is processed through the tool to create parts.

What did you enjoy the most during your work experience?
The thing I enjoyed the most was using and programming the CNC Machines and seeing the finished product the next day.

What made you want to become a tool maker?
I chose to do an apprenticeship in tool making as I really like the idea of getting to make the different parts of a tool and watch everything come together to produce plastic products. Knowing that I’d helped to make that product is something I’m really looking forward to.

What are you looking forward to most about your apprenticeship?
I’m looking forward to getting hands on experience to be able to make my own tools, start to finish.

Express & Star Business Awards

27th May 2016

The Awards evening took place last night at Wolverhampton Racecourse so we got suited and booted to celebrate great businesses across the West Midlands.

We are delighted that we won the award for the Best Place to Work!!

We were runners up in the Manufacturing Champion Award, Jaguar Land Rover took the trophy home and we are very proud to have been short-listed against the automotive giant. 

To see more pictures from the evening head over to our Twitter page...

Express & Star Business Awards

24th May 2016

As you may already know we recently entered the Express & Star Business Awards and were delighted to find out that we had been short-listed as finalists for the following categories:

Manufacturing Champion Award

Best Place to Work Award

Over the last few weeks we've been put through our paces with the Judges visits and in today's issue of the Express and Star there's a great 'Meet the Finalists' write up. We've got some tough competition so keep your fingers crossed for us!

The Awards Ceremony is taking place on Thursday, we'll be getting suited and booted for an evening celebrating great local businesses. 

Wish us luck!

Express & Star Press Clippings

We've had an exciting delivery

12th May 2016

As part of our ongoing investment and expansion plans we have purchased two new Hurco CNC Machining Centres to increase our Tool Room capacity.

The VM30i and the VMX30i will add to our already impressive suite of Hurco machines and will improve our current capabilities and lead times.

The VM30i is a 3-axis vertical milling machine with a small footprint but a large work cube. No other mill packs as much productivity in to such an efficiently designed package. 

The VMX30i is one of Hurco’s signature milling centres that takes machining to the next level. This machine delivers high performance capabilities to any machining application & has the added benefit of a dual-screen control for streamlined programming.

The investment in new machinery will increase our capacity and productivity in the tool room and will ensure we keep up with our ever increasing order book.

Hurco CNC Delivery

Express and Star Business Awards - Finalists

24th March 2016

We're delighted to announce that we've been short-listed as finalists for the following categories in the Express and Star 2016 Business Awards:

  • Manufacturing Champion Award

  • Best Place to Work Award

We're over the moon that we've been short-listed and we're looking forward to the Judges visiting in the next few weeks.

The Awards Ceremony takes place on 26th May... Wish us luck!

Express and Star Business Awards

The Importance of Keeping Technology Up to Date

1st March 2016

Technology is inescapable. It Influences every area of our life. From how we work, play and live day-to-day. Technology is a revolution that will grow for as long as humans continue to advance in their capabilities.

As the months and years go by, technology just gets better and better. What was yesterdays ‘next big thing’, is old hat today. The bottom line is, technology doesn’t wait for you and if your organisation isn’t keeping up with it, you will surely be left behind by your competitors

Here at RP Technologies we embrace technology and pride ourselves in keeping it up to date. All of our Hurco CNC machines are different ages but they are all running the latest update of software, but why bother?

The first Apple iPhone was released in 2007 and it’s plain to see how much that technology has moved forward since then. The years of constant development mean we can now use our smartphones to do almost anything. So why do many people think that when we buy a machine the investment is complete when the machine is paid for?

Our new Hurco machines have a cycle time 30% faster than older versions as well as improved surface finish. We recently upgraded all of our machines so they now benefit from the same hardware and software with the associated advantages. This improves our tooling throughout the manufacturing process and also reduces wear and tear on the machines, giving the added benefit of reduced servicing.

Keeping up to date with technology isn’t all about having the latest gadgets, for RP it’s about utilising the latest technology updates to improve our processes so that we offer the best possible service to our customers. Having latest technology enables us to retain our ‘without limits’ philosophy and offer a unique service to our customers.

CNC Machining Centres at RP Technologies

The Black Country Guide to Prototyping

2nd February 2016

Being based in the Black Country we've realised a lot of our customers might have trouble understanding us! We thought we'd help you to learn our lingo and teach you a few key phrases that might come in useful when working with us....

"Tool meker"  = tool maker

"It's only a ickle part" = it's only a small part

"It'll only tek a couple or three hours" = It will only take a few hours

When designing a tool..."We cor mek it loike tha" = We can't make it like that

When looking at a part..."Nice though ay it" = Nice though isn't it

When sending a quote..."Eer ya goo" = Here you go

Often heard in the tool room..."yow bin bost it ay ya" = you've broken it haven't you?... "It wor me, ar day do it" = It wasn't me, I didn't do it!

"Ar got oyl on mi tay shert" = I've got oil on my t-shirt

"Yow need to put mowa werter in theya to keep the part cowd" = You need to put more water in there to keep the part cold

And here's a few extra phrases that you may need...

"Yow cor av ya tay, it ay tay time" = You can't have your dinner yet, it isn't dinner time

"Ar bin all round the 'reekin" = I've been all over the place (The Wrekin is a hill in Shropshire)

"Put wud in 'ole" = Close the door please

"Ar bin" = I am   "Ar bay" = I'm not   "Ar cor" = I can't

"Tara-a-bit" = Bye for now

We're looking forward to hearing you practise our lingo!

New Spark Eroder adds to our capabilities

19th January 2016

As part of our ongoing investment and expansion, we have purchased another impressive machine; the Sodick AD55L CNC Spark Erosion machine with 6 stage tool change facility.

What is spark eroding?

Spark Erosion is a method used when machining challenging tooling with intricate detail. As toolmakers we always try to achieve what the client requires with regard to the part form and not change the part to fit in with our manufacturing process. We believe this philosophy makes us stand out from our competitors.
The spark erosion process involves both the work piece (the male form) and the tool (the female form) being connected to a direct current; this provides a constant spark between the two. The area where the spark contacts the surface of the work piece is heated to an extremely high temperature. The molten metal on the surface of the work piece evaporates creating a minute crater. Continual discharge creates multiple craters, constantly eroding the work piece to the desired finish which can be controlled within a very precise envelope. 

The work piece and the electrode are divided by a gap which is filled with a synthetic insulating fluid. The liquid allows for the eroded debris to be flushed away from the work area. The synthetic fluid is also used to control the temperature of the process, without it a thermal shock would result, by eliminating heat no distortion or change in temper takes place.

The AD55L features Sodick’s latest LN NC unit which is equipped with the new "TMM3" discharge power supply capable of high speed, high precision  and high efficiency machining.
The rigid linear motor drive is the ideal mechanism that semi-permanently sustains high speed axis movements and instantaneous response using rigid linear motor axis drives and eliminates the need for external flushing.

Extensive training has been given to our toolmakers to ensure our customers get the most out of this equipment. Why not be one of the first to give this new facility a test drive - we think you will be impressed...

Sodick AD55L CNC Spark Erosion machine

RP Technologies Head to Scotland

30th June 2015

Over the weekend 8 of our guys headed to Scotland to tackle Ben Nevis! Depsite lots of aching legs the team had a fantastic time.

To view the rest of the pictures please head to our Facebook Page.

RP's team climb Ben Nevis

RP Technologies Are Proud to Sponsor Leoni’s Charity Cycle Ride

25th June 2015


This Saturday (27th June 2015) eight of Leoni’s employees will be riding 150 miles on a Charity Cycle Ride.

The challenge Leoni’s Cycle Club been set is to ride 150 miles in ONE day which includes crossing the top of the Brecon Beacons!
The ride begins at Leoni’s facilities in Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire and see’s the team cross the English and Welsh countryside. They’ll be calling in at the old Lucas Rists factory in Ystradglynlais before they cross the finish line on the beach at Swansea Bay.

Leoni are fundraising for the ride with all proceeds going to the Leoni CCC which is a workforce led Charity Committee that supports charities in the local area. Following last year’s ride they handed out cheques for a total of £14,000 to 11 charities including Donna Louise Trust, CLIC, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Special Olympics Stafford and Joe Gilligan Cancer Trust just to name a few.

The line up of riders includes Mick Fitzpatrick, Neil Stephenson, Meirion Evans, Alun Darlington, Kev McGing, Steve Brearley, Darryl Hilton and Mick McKenna.

Leoni are a valued customer of RP Technologies so we have pleasure in donating to such a fantastic cause and wish the team the best of luck.

Good luck to the magnificent eight!


Leoni's Charity Cycle Ride

RP Technologies Celebrate 10th Anniversary

22nd June 2015

RP was founded in 2005 by Brett Mitchell and Darren Withers. They had previously been Directors at local tool-making company and between them had over 35 years of experience in the industry. The company was based in the Gunbarrel Industrial Estate in Cradley Heath in a unit approximately 1500 sq ft in size. The original setup comprised of 2 Hurco CNC machining centres plus various essential manual equipment and a pedestrian truck! We started with 1 toolmaker and 1 bench hand and Jane & Lisa managing finance and administration. In the next few of years the company developed steadily, increasing in both workforce and machinery.

In 2008 we extended into the next door unit, adding another 1100 sq ft to the footprint of the premises. This expansion also gave us the opportunity for a dedicated CAD room with 4 CAD engineers. At this time we also employed a dedicated sales engineer and purchased a CMM so we could offer measurement services to our customers. By the end of this year we employed 9 toolmakers and the plant list had increased to 7 CNC machining centres plus a suite of manual millers.

By 2010 it was obvious that the current premises would not be able to sustain the growth of the company so the decision was made to move to a larger site. We relocated to Hereward Rise, Halesowen in September of that year and took advantage of the additional space to purchase our first plastic moulding machine, producing prototype moulded parts in small batches. The change in location also made the production process much more efficient. The workforce was increased by another 7 toolmakers over the next couple of years, including the introduction of a toolmaking apprentice and a dedicated Quality engineer. The machinery was also invested in to give the company more flexibility, including a 5 axis machining centre.

The introduction of the moulding facility took off much better than expected and by 2012 it was decided to separate out that side of the business and set up RP Mouldings. New premises of 1600 sq ft were acquired to accommodate the moulding operations and a General manager employed oversee the company. 2 brand new Borsche moulding machines were purchased (320 & 150 Ton) and this was quickly followed by 60 Ton machine and new staff to operate them.

Now we're in 2015 and the company is growing and developing every day with increased demand. We recently moved to a new facility in Kingswinford that's 3 times larger than our previous premises. We've bought 3 new CNC machining centres, and 2 new injection moulding machines and now have a total of 37 employees!

Here's hoping the next 10 years are just as successful.

RP Tooling Announces Name Change to RP Technologies

18th June 2015

The manufacturer of injection moulded components and prototypes , RP Tooling Limited announced today it has a new company name – RP Technologies Limited. The change more accurately reflects the scope of the company’s offerings. RP Tooling’s name change is part of a re-branding initiative to better align the company’s name with its future strategy. The company have taken the opportunity to give their brand a fresh and energetic new look and have launched a new website, along with other marketing material including a 12 page brochure.

Director Darren Withers says, “We’re still the same great organisation with the same services. Our new name will reflect our firm commitment to offering innovative solutions that go well beyond our current offering. The name change signifies the company vision moving forwards”.

In the past couple of years RP has gone through some exciting changes and organisational developments. Earlier this year the company moved to larger premises and invested in new machinery to increase capacity along with employing 10 new members of staff.

RP Tooling Expand to Larger Premises

18th June 2015

A leading manufacturer of injection moulded components and prototypes is planning to expand after moving to larger premises.

RP Tooling Limited has recently moved to a larger manufacturing facility on Pensnett Trading Estate, one of the largest secure industrial estates in Europe which is home to almost 200 companies.

The company’s new 24,000 sq. ft (2,230 sq. m) home has plentiful room for their development plans, and is perfectly situated within the West Midlands with great access to the M6, M5 and Birmingham airport.

RP Tooling’s General Manager Mr. Paul Roe says that the impressive move is a key point to the company’s expansion: “It’s great to be in larger premises with the room to expand further. We’ve taken on 10 new members of staff within the last few months; it’s a really exciting time for us here at RP.”

The company’s new facility in Kingswinford is more than three times the size of its previous premises in Halesowen, increasing production capacity by 25% with the view to investing in more new machinery in the near future.